An effective website functions at international level, which is why it will have to be translated at a certain point. This operation may be performed by the website owner or, even better, by a translation company.

Here is some advice you should follow when translating a website: avoid using translation programs or applications, because they make verbatim translations and do not check the result to see whether it is of any help to you. In fact, verbatim translation is a big mistake as it may generate many mistakes in terms of grammar or meaning. The translation of a website is useful only if it is adapted to the public targeted by that website. The purpose of the website should not be ignored even for one moment.


Moreover, you should not use translators who do not master the target language. Instead, we recommend the use of native speakers associated with the services of a translation company in order to ensure the high quality of the translation.

Do not forget to check the resulting aspect of your website to see if it continues to have an attractive appearance. The size of the text may differ following the translation, so you should check this aspect as well.

Avoid using metaphors, clichés and exaggerated paronomastic combinations since they may be translated in a way not quite adequate to the purpose of the website you are translating. Humor is also to be avoided because its use may prove risky compared to the main idea of the website.

Do not translate all the details on the website, but just those elements that are essential for the client. You will thus save time and money and avoid possible stress. Have confidence in the services provided by certified translation companies because they supply high quality translations due to their teams of professional translators.

Finally, do not hesitate to request from the translator or the company a sample of the translated text before publishing it or paying for the translation service performed.