ACED Proofreading

Your materials are permanently supervised by our specialized personnel and the translation of your document is always adapted and verified in detail by a person who is perfectly familiar with the characteristics of your activity, as well as with your requirements and the preferred terminology.

The specialized terminologists in the ACED team proofread and adapt first-hand translations, thus decisively improving the quality of the document involved.

The proofreading of the translations by a specialized terminologist is the final stage of the specialized translation process and quality check of our services.

The wide range of fields of expertise in specialized proofreading includes large projects related to: technical translations and proofreading, medical translations and proofreading, legal translations and proofreading, economic translations and proofreading, automotive translations and proofreading, IT translations and proofreading etc.

You may need specialized proofreading services in the following cases:

  • Colleagues in your company speaking a foreign language made the translation and you need an expert to revise the material and make sure it complies with quality standards.
  • You have employed a translation company or an independent translator and you are not satisfied with the quality of the services. Surely you need our experts for a final revision.
  • You received a material from a client/supplier of your company and you noticed several things that displeased you. An experienced proofreader with simplify considerably the text correction task.
  • You may require specialized proofreading services even for documents in Romanian (your native language) to make sure there’s no mistake in your material.