ACED Authorized Translations

Authorized translations, sometimes called stamped translations, official translations, or notarized translations, are translated documents certified by an authorized translator.

Some countries and jurisdictions demand that translators pass specific exams before they are allowed to become authorized translators.

The translator authorization process can differ according to the residence and languages spoken by the translator, the source documents, and the target copy. The translation process itself must adhere to the relevant legal guidelines. Occasionally, the authorities in the country will require an additional certificate confirming the authenticity of the signature of the authorized translator on the document. Additional certifications are usually necessary for countries that abide by the Hague Convention of 1961.

An authorized translation comes with an additional degree of quality assurance because it needs to be done by a translator whose skills and experience have been ‘certified’ by an official governing body. Additionally, ACED attests to the high levels of training, experience, and professionalism in our specially selected authorized translators.