Your business is good. The products or services you offer are known throughout the country and the sales figures are good. However, the number of potential customers is much higher. There are tens or hundreds of millions of people who might become customers, but they have not even heard about your existence. And the distance between you and them is smaller than you would imagine: a simple click.

The Internet has changed the world we live in. The information is shared at an amazing speed, and the way in which the sales and, implicitly, the business are carried out is affected. Chinese products, for example, are sold in Canada or Finland, and very often the buyer does not talk to the seller. Some years ago, the stores moved from the corner of the street to shopping centers, and now they are moving on the internet.

You know all this, and you want as well a slice of this global market that has been split only to a small extent so far. First of all, you need a website to give a picture of your business goods or services to potential customers around the world. Then, this website has to be translated, so that people get acquainted with your offer as quickly and easily as possible.

Although at first glance it is enough to have a website in English, in reality things are different … Most users do NOT speak English. And even if they do, the purchase decision is an emotional one. Beyond the technical specifications taken into account, the end customer will buy that product or service that inexplicably attracts them. That’s why you have to offer it in the most familiar way, and nothing is more familiar than the mother tongue. Over 80% of the online customers are buying products from websites using their mother tongue. This is a simple reality.

To begin with, English is sufficient – it will offer you a slight advantage. But to increase sales and to reach the full potential, you MUST speak the language of the buyer, and Google translations are of high school level, and no one would like to be represented by a teenager concerned about anything, except about assuming responsibilities.

Success can only be ensured by professionals like you, people who know whether the simple translation is sufficient and, if necessary, to provide you with the best variant or localization, and the presentation of the products or services needs an adjustment to best integrate into the landscape of the country where you want to expand your business.

The global market is growing and has not been split yet. You still have room to develop. But if you don’t do it today, there are others who do, and tomorrow it will be too late.