Specialized translations

Specialized translations in itself is a complex service that requires the joint efforts of a dedicated project manager, professional translators, editors, and proof-readers, all coming together to produce accurate and consistent translations of highly specific content.

At ACED, we believe that only the very best translators possess the necessary skills and experience to give specialized translations the added sheen of quality and pinpoint accuracy our clients require to communicate a specific message in a way that reflects absolute professionalism and displays meticulous attention to detail.

Our specialized translation process begins with an analysis of the documents provided by the client. At this stage we take into consideration any additional information deemed necessary for us to accurately assess the objective of the translation, plus any style requirements the client has asked us to implement within the document.

After the logistical details of the translation have been defined, budget parameters are confirmed, and deadlines have been agreed upon, your project is good to go. At this stage the actual translation process can begin.

During the translation and editing process, our project manager will assign one or more translators and determine, depending on the size and quantity of the specialized vocabulary, whether or not it would be helpful to create a bilingual glossary for similar projects in the future. The project manager will also set our specialized translation software according to the client’s quality and style requirements.

Once the translation is complete, our most experienced team of editors and proofreaders take a fine-toothed comb to the translated text. Their job is to seek out and correct any grammatical errors, fine-tune the wording, to check and recheck the specialized translation for consistency, flow, and readability. If the document contains graphics and/or images, these too are examined for quality and tested for complete fidelity with the original item.

Finally, the completed document undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process whereby the translation is reviewed and checked for appropriate technical tone, clearness of message, and to ascertain that the document matches the original with regards to image design and graphic outlay.

Only when these checks and balances have been thoroughly carried out will the project manager approve the translation, and authorize the release of the translated work back to the client.