Although we are living in an era of English language dominance, studying French in order to pursue a career is a viable option for any foreign language enthusiast. If you are an open-minded person and ready to make business travels, the opportunities are unlimited.

First of all, you obviously need to study the language. You have probably come to like French because of a passionate teacher who left a good impression on you in high school. You can follow the same career. A teacher’s activity is exciting and varied. State education offers a lot of French teaching jobs for different study cycles and in the private system you will find many other solutions to follow a teaching career.

Another variant would be to teach Romanian language in French-speaking countries. However, this requires in-depth and certified studies in both languages.

In addition to the teaching career, you can opt for translations or interpreting. As a translator, you can work for a publishing house and help produce user instructions, user manuals, websites, etc.

If you like working with people and want to explore new places, then tourism or the hotel industry could be a solution for you. Steward or stewardess jobs are very well paid. And as a tourist guide you can assist Romanian tourists visiting France or French tourists visiting Romania.

At the same time, international agencies, governments, charities or non-governmental agencies are still looking for French speakers. It is a good opportunity to combine the passion for French language with the working skills concerning the company policies or the contractual relations between companies.

Getting a PhD in French language would be most useful. Clearly, this can guarantee almost any career in French language, not only at home, but also abroad.

No matter which direction you choose to follow, with a Master or PhD in French language, you will definitely be the first option for employers. This will surely show that you are a valuable business partner or an important member of any work team. You can always turn your passion into a professional career!