The Internet has removed borders, turning linguists into a highly appreciated acquisition by any company aiming to expand outside its domestic borders. Consequently, those who have a career in foreign languages benefit now from many extra income opportunities. Mastering one or more foreign languages is nowadays evidently a way to make a living or at least a source of additional income.

Studies have revealed that companies prefer fixed-term contracts or project-based contracts to permanent employment contracts. Linguists also prefer this type of collaboration because they can work from home, when on vacation or from anywhere in the world and can choose the working hours that best suit them. This also increases cost-efficiency for the companies, because they no longer have to provide office space or office equipment for collaborators working from home.

Companies look for experts in foreign languages and communication whom they can use as translators, interpreters, proofreaders or editors. They can be asked to translate documents, user manuals, employment contracts or various official documents, and sometimes to act as interpreters during business meetings. Companies wanting to expand into foreign countries may ask linguists to create teams to initiate connections with the new cultural environment, which is absolutely necessary for the company’s proper integration on the new market.

Language abilities can also be used on the numerous websites offering jobs to people able to write in foreign languages. Many linguists use such sites to make an additional income, but also to practice their abilities. Any situation providing the opportunity to use their knowledge is obviously an occasion to improve their skills and if they are also paid to do it, so much the better.

A foreign language graduate can make additional money as a guide or interpreter. This involves collaboration with a transport company organizing trips for foreigners. Such an arrangement is ideal for those who like to travel because they get to be paid for the services rendered.

          There is surely no limit to what linguists can do with their language abilities with perseverance and a little imagination. They must only find creative ways to use their skills, follow their interests and nourish their hobbies!